Winter Break III – The French Riviera

I always thought the French Riviera will be a lovely place to visit. I’ve heard of its beautiful beaches and landscape, and how the rich and famous will live there. Monaco was the place I wanted to go – partly because it’s one of the smallest countries in the world, and also because it host the annual and most prestigious Monaco Grand Prix.

All these was covered in our final part of our winter-trip. Sadly, the weather was not too kind, and we did not have as much sunshine as we would have liked. But it was a good trip nonetheless.

Let me begin with accommodation. For £70 per night for three people, we had the most wonderful apartment along the beach. The living room had views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the stretch of beach until the old town. For three people, it had two bedrooms, one study (which we’ll never use), two toilets and an amazing kitchen. It was a good place to stay after Paris and Italy.

Our lovely accommodation in Nice!

The view offered in the day, on the day where the sun was amazing


We then city hopped for the rest of the journey. One day was spent in Nice visiting the sights of the old town, and the little castle fort. The next was spent in Cannes visiting the site of the annual Cannes Film Festival. And one was spent in Monaco, home of the rich and famous. But all three days we came back home to Nice, and ate breakfast from a wonderful patisserie just down the road. Le Pain C’est Bon.

Columbus Cafe in Nice. We had quite delicious muffins there!

The view in Nice!! Note the cloudy skies.

Daredevil Ngiams

And dinner in Nice – it was a bit too much.

Cannes! The red carpet for them celebrities.

And the yachts around Cannes!

And the space invader strikes again, this time Cannes.

Monaco Grand Prix roads!!

More of the track, this time with a glimpse of the sea!

And the tunnel in Monaco!

Visiting the casino square in Monaco was really different. There were too many expensive cars. In fact, I’ve never seen so many expensive cars packed into one small area! But then again, Monaco had been different from all the other cities/towns. It felt different, more affluent, the moment we stepped of the trains.

Another one, with three ferraris.

The city hopping done with, we headed back to Marseille to take our easyJet flight back to London. We arrived on Christmas eve, and the captain rushed us back so we could have a good Christmas eve. It would turn out to be an amazing Christmas – spent with Karina and her family in Greenwich. Then we watched the Hobbit and on 28th, just three days after this trip, I left for New York. But that’s another tale to tell.


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